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Your personal tour in Belarus

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Creating private tours in 24 hours down to every detail:
- Accommodations: country estates, apartments, hotels - at your choice
- Personal transportation with drivers
- Individual set menu
- Excursion designed to your liking.
The English-speaking manager will accompany you throughout the hole journey, making amendments to your tour if necessary.
All you have to do is arrive to the Republic of Belarus.
Our manager and personal driver will be expecting you at any location you choose.
From that point, your journey through the historical, cultural and ethnic places of our country shall begin!
Are you a History lover? Maybe you prefer modern entertainment? Do you seek for peaceful contemplation or prefer active rest? Every traveler will find something for himself in our country.
We offer a 4-days tour for you with the opportunity to change any day up to your wish.
Welcome to our sightseeing tour round Minsk where you will get acquainted to the main landmarks of city. Belarusian museums and historical castles are of great interest to many tourists. You will visit the most culturally significant castles, such as Mir castle and Nesvizh castle.
More than a third of the Belarusian territory is covered with green forests, blue lakes and unique marshlands. You will plunge into nature riches together with forest experts on the eco path in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. After you will watch a starry sky using a telescope. Even you will try a disappearing type of healing Russian “smoke sauna”.
Wherever you stay we will offer you dishes from wildfowl, forest berries and mushrooms. Our chef will give a master class on Belarusian cuisine.
The Belarusian forests have been primeval for hundreds of years. Our people are always open and hospitable. Our values are eternal. When you visit our country you can not only have a good rest, but also discover something new.
 Беларусь, Минск
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